An educational simulator to understand, assess and improve
the recyclability
of your new products.

Developed specially by Ecosystem for its producer members,
REEECYC’LAB establishes a diagnosis specific to your products, and provides the keys
to adopting an eco-design strategy for recycling and
by presenting the issues and areas for improvement to your teams


An evaluation method based on
working knowledge
of the processes involved in the recycling
of devices at end-of-life

Ecosystem offers you its expertise and knowledge regarding
the recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments,
gained in its capacity as a waste management scheme approved by public authorities. This knowledge is based on
a rigorous reporting and monitoring process
regarding existing recycling technologies and pathways.

Learning the method

Educational content and a structured method to understand the factors reducing and improving the recyclability of your products

Assess and prioritise

A simulation specific to your products to target personalised areas for improvement and identify models to design in an environmentally-friendly way


Find and modify your evaluations, manage your parts models and share your results with your co-workers

REEECYC'LAB in brief

An interface guiding the evaluation

Allow yourself to be guided to fill in your product's key characteristics for its end-of-life recycling.

Adjusted result indicators

Recyclability rate, potential recycled plastic uses, potential presence of strategic metals, de-pollution: full evaluation of your device.

Your own stock of parts’ templates

Save time during your evaluations by managing your own library of parts and by reusing parts from product to product.

A clear and documented methodology

Access documentation that will enable you to really get to grips with the concept of recyclability, and explain it to your contacts.

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